dana w-queen (b. 1985) is a filmmaker/video artist and barber working in photography and installation. They have a MFA in Visual Art from UC San Diego and a BA in English from California State University, Long Beach.

w-queen is based in Richmond, Virginia working as an adjunct professor teaching experimental video and documentary film production courses at Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Richmond.

Courtesy of the 2022 Artadia Los Angeles x Marciano Art Foundation award, dana w-queen completed barber training at a Virginia state-licensed academy. They are developing research and projects using documentary, cinema performance about the  discursive history of barbering, gendered language and queer hair expression, black women and black queer barbers, and musicality in barber performance.

w-queen seeks to open Poetic Shifts, a gender inclusive space for haircuts and organic conversations regarding art, culture and hair. The studio is tucked in a historic tobacco warehouse on Richmond’s Southside.

To learn more about my art and barber practice, book a studio visit with me: here!

                                                                                        Photo by Jaqueline Barragán-Fuller