An Entry Point Between Spaces
Desktop digital collage is artwork  in conjunction with the article, “An Entry Point Between Spaces: Concerning Permission” for Black Archives Editorial: vol. 001.
Year: 2020

Editorial 001: Impulse to Collect asks, what drives someone to build an archive? What feeds their impulse to collect? Who will find value in this preserved history? The volume explores these questions and maps points where the personal intersects the political.

“An Entry Point Between Spaces: Concerning Permission” text excerpt:

“An engagement with archives, in all of its meanings, provides a space to explore, organize and examine passages of time in the everywhere of our imaginations. In other ways, engagement is a birthright. An enactment both ritual and expressive, binding us like adhesive to origins and identities, ancestors and histories. Quite often, I’m caught between sentiment and methodology since engaging my maternal lineage means a boundedness to symbolic and material brokenness—when elders transition, contents fade, and strands of the family tapestry unravel with every loss. With mourning and memory, building upon this legacy is ceremony. Building as an act of remembrance for my grandparents who ought to be remembered, whose legacy deserves to endure. The process has been untraditional in conventionalist forms of what a studio and archival practice should be. I am led by ancestral communication which prioritizes dreaming as planning and intuitive knowing as method. In thinking about process in this way, archival engagement requests cognizance of spirit bodies, communing with the dead, and preserving the continuities between the living and spiritual worlds.“

Desktop digital collage, “An Entry Point Between Spaces” accompanies the article.

Writing Process References and Music:

The Caravans - “Walk Around Heaven All Day”

Emmavie - “Easily, I Forget”