dana washington-queen
Pronouns: they/them

Living and working in Richmond, VA

Artist Statement
I use narrative storytelling to explore blackness, queerness, cultural practices, and systems of power. My research and practice bring documentary, experimental practices, and experiential knowledge into dialogue through my developing concept Black Noetic theory. Noetic comes from the Greek term noetiko, relating to the mind or intellect. Borrowing from the Institute of Noetic Sciences, noetic is defined as “inner wisdom, direct knowing, intuition, or implicit understanding.” A noetic experience can be understood as gut feelings or insights that seem to come out of nowhere. A Black Noetic experience locates the spiritual, the ancestral, and the ecstatic in Black life and culture.

e: atdanawashington@gmail.com
insta: @danawqueen

Nonprofit: blackfarmstudiohouse.org

MFA, University of California San Diego, Visual Arts
BA, California State University Long Beach

ICA at VCU - Resume at the Point of Interruption
Visible Records, VA - Future/Elsewhere: Dreams are Transitory Things
Springsteen Gallery, MD - A Recollection of Dreams
Calit2, Virtual - After the End
Jeffrey Dietch, CA - Shattered Glass