Year: 2020

Duration: 02:17

Ceremony (a prose-poem)

in everything, there is ceremony by virtue of being.
by virtue of being a black-centering body,
there is ceremony in all things, for all things, for being.
there is ceremony for being, for blackness and breathing.
through capture and violence, diaspora displacement,
solutions no nothing, reparations no nothing.
they know nothing, nah nothing for negro-black problems.
Pan-African black niggas still smiling, still grinning,
black women still living, providing, pro-styling.
black queries on queerness, on loving and safety,
on freedom of movement, on freedom of movement,
find freedom in movement, define freedom in movement.

Full poem transcription: here.

Featured in the exhibition Hello? God Is The Space Between Us
at Anonymous Gallery. Documentation courtesy of Joseph Ian Henrikson.