dana washington-queen is an artist working in experimental and documentary
film, photography, prose-poetry, and theoretical writing.

Thematically, they explore cultural and personal history, memory and fiction,
and digital space to examine race, gender, sexuality, language and visual
representation. Their work is a negotiation between the black subject
and black subjectivity, blackness and liberation, technique and (ill)legibility.

washington-queen is developing a research project framed around
Black Noetic Theory (BNT) to consider how blackness, interiority
and performance are embedded in modes of production for which
to imagine black existence otherwise in audiovisual space.

In this way, the black body, psyche and spirit are fugitive of antiblack
forums &/or oversimplified representations to unlock sites of passage
for emerging visual forms, meanings, aesthetics, and categories.
BNT provides a space and visual language produced through moving
images, sound and voice, text and performance.