Midwifery: Birthing Through Disparities (2020)

Directed and filmed in collaboration with Racha Tahani Lawler Queen of Crimson Fig Midwifery and Gather and Grounded Midwifery.

Racha Tahani Lawler Queen is a California and Virginia licensed midwife, skilled in the midwifery traditions of her Southern U.S. and South African ancestors.

She is the direct descendent of midwives, dating back four documented generations. Lawler Queen obtained her formal education in hospitals as a nursing student and at the historically accredited midwifery school Maternidad La Luz.
2020, HD color, stereo sound, 00:08:01

Fourth-generation, Los Angeles born midwife addresses black maternal health disparities, while two home-birth families (first time and third time parents) discuss the importance of their birthing. They come together in resistance against Los Angeles County child birth statistics, in which black babies are three times more likely to be born prematurely or die.