UNDER BONE (docufiction)
Total run time: 00:06:36
HD video, stereo, color

This film is presented in vignettes to explore grief, matrilineality, and religious legacy, which is complicated by the presence of queer intimacy.

Writer-director: dana washington Cinematographer: Kayla Reefer
iPhone Footage: dana washington, Dannielle Washington
Editor: dana washington

dana washington
trenderlene marshé harris
Brielle Northcutt

Anita Queen

Original Score, Sound Design: SANA
Additional Vocals: Arima Ederra

Narration: dana washington Additional Narration: Anita Queen

Poster Design: DeChazier Stokes-Johnson
Festivals & Film Programs:

True Turn Film Festival
Lafayette Anticipations x KALEIDOSCOPE Manifesto
Girls in Film

Afrikana American Film Festival
BlackStar Film Festival
2018 San Diego Underground Film Festival
Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival
Black Cinema House
Locust Projects presents Saint Cities
Welcome Home: UNDER BONE
Black Radical Imagination Tour
Smithsonian African American Film Festival
Outfest Fusion People of Color Film Festival: On the Queer Horizon
Toronto Short Film Festival


MOCA presents SCREEN: Black Radical Imagination
Comcast Xfinity Streampix

Exhibition Installation:

San Diego Art Institute